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Shani puja is done entirely in a different way with diverse materials. Similar trends are also followed in Shani Shingnapur village while performing the puja. This puja entails devotees to take a head bath and continue doing other things in the wet clothes. Other rituals along with the Abhishek-s are executed with water and sesame oil. You would not anticipate the sacrificial offerings; as such practices are strictly prohibited during the Shani puja. To complete the abhishek a devotee often carries along sesame oil, coconut, dried dates, dried cocount, betel nut, rice, turmeric-kumkum, gulal, neel, sugar, colotropis flowers preferably blue, pedha-s, black cloth, curds and milk etc. In other case when a devotee aspires to ward off the unhappiness, he/she presents kavadi, bibba, udid, nail, or pin, or rice. Subsequent to realization of desires, often money is being offered in the form of silver coins, trishul, shriphal, or iron articles like ghamela or animals like horse, cow, and buffalo are offered.

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